hey guys, remember this post Oracle Server Non paged pool memory error ? Quick recap :

Oracle 10g Release 2 (10.2) server running out of Non Paged Pool Memory with Event ID: 2019 ?
The Oracle guys had logged a Service Request with Oracle and after reviewing our research that I mentioned before they clearly identified the issue as "Bug 5077897"  "Windows: Server side handle leak"

Here is the Oracle Blurb about Bug 5077897:

Bug 5077897 - Windows: Server side handle leak

version affected 

This problem is introduced on Windows platforms
in The Oracle server exhibits a thread Handle 
leak which is observed for every TCP connect/disconnect 
to a 10.2 database.

So we will be upgrading our database very soon.

Also on that note I am on vacation till mid March so although I will be checking my mails on a weekly basis, I wont be doing any blog posts. Take care and have fun. See you all in a month's time.