Hi All,

we seems to have become a magnet for bugchecks (bluescreens) and my group is getting hit with them from all angles. We had been having a bunch of blue screens (stop 0xC4) on a perticular server and all of testing and debugging got us no where.

So we ran verifier to check for all drivers on this server. As soon as we finished configuring verifier.exe and gave the server a reboot it blue screened with a STOP 0x000000D5, but this time the culprit came out. It was cdprobe.sys running on this windows 2003 server as part of Symantec's Centennial Discovery Client Agent. We disabled it and the server has been running fine since then.

So how do you use Verifier.exe ???

Here are the steps to enable Verifier.

Start > Run, type Verifier and hit enter.

Select the radio button for Create custom settings (for code developers), click Next

on this screen click Select individual settings from a full list, click Next

Tick the first three check boxes of Special Pool, Pool Tracking, Force IRQL checking, click Next

Check the box for Select driver names for a list and click Next

In this screen, sort by Provider and then select all the Non-Microsoft drivers. Click Finish. It will ask you to reboot.

If your server has a bad driver it will bluescreen and display the name of the problematic driver (see screenshot below).